wall-panel-system-manufacturingManu-Fab Building Components was founded in 1979 with the goal of manufacturing high-quality, competitively priced building components for distribution to dealers in Manitoba, Canada.

Manu-Fab manufactures panelized wall systems, wood-web floor trusses and engineered roof truss systems and custom stairs for residential, commercial and agricultural projects. Our facility located in Newton, Manitoba now provide in excess of 32,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity, and employ 30 fabricators, designers and sales staff.

Over the years, the growing complexity in roof designs has increased the demand for innovation and technical excellence from truss fabricators. Manu-Fab has made a commitment to be a leader in the use of new technology and the production of high-quality building components to meet those demands. Our determination to succeed and to provide the best available products and services has gained Manu-Fab a reputation for integrity, dependability and quality workmanship.

Our customer base has grown to include the prairie provinces, the Midwest United States and overseas markets as far away as Japan. Whether you are around the corner or halfway around the world, Manu-Fab Building Components is prepared to supply the materials for your project.

The Environmental Choice

stack-of-woodWith nearly five million trees planted everyday, wood is the only renewable resource. In addition to its renewability, flexibility and natural warmth, wood is an environmentally responsible material for use in construction. Less energy is required to manufacture lumber than other building materials. For example, nine times more energy is required to produce a steel stud than a 2×4 and 24 times more energy is required for a concrete floor than a wood floor.

Manu-Fab’s commitment to responsible use of our environment begins in our design offices where components’ lengths are computer-maximized for optimum use of material. Any cut-offs and short lengths are used for wall blocking or as members of other engineered products in our plants.