Wall Panels

Manu-Fab Prefabricated Wall Systems are manufactured in-plant using kiln-dried components under strict quality control guidelines to ensure that only the finest products leave our yard. Prefabricated Wall Panels manufactured by Manu-Fab Building Components offer many significant advantages to conventional stickframing that will result in increased customer satisfaction, reduced labor costs and fewer call backs.

Wall panels are individually computer-designed to accommodate the structural requirements of each building project. Headers, beams, lintels and studs are sized and placed to ensure proper transfer of loads to the foundation. The use of computerized engineering systems allows for greater flexibility in design. Plant-assembled products are manufactured to exacting tolerances providing precision at every stage of production. Quality control standards regulate each step in the manufacturing process including cutting, component placement, location of door and window openings and application of exterior sheathing. Wall components are clamped in position during fabrication, ensuring the finished section is square, plumb and true.

Less time is required to assemble a project thereby reducing the amount of pay-outs for labor, overhead, workers compensation and site insurance. Wall panels are numbered to match the layout plans provided with every package, making erection on-site fast and easy. Headers are insulated and installed at the factory. Window and door openings are cut out for ease of installation. Panelized construction reduces job-site waste and clean-up time dramatically and results in reduced theft on-site due to the size of the components.