Roof Trusses

Your roof trusses are manufactured with kiln-dried lumber and metal-plate connectors supplied by Alpine Engineered Products. Manu-Fab manufactures roof trusses for agricultural, commercial and residential application. Our roof truss designs come with a professional engineer’s seal and are approved for use in Canada and the United States. Our adherence to industry regulation assures compliance with major building codes. The use of computer-assisted design and manufacturing processes provide accuracy at every stage of production, thereby ensuring that our customers receive only the finest quality finished products.

manufab-manufacturing-300x200Roof trusses are designed to take advantage of long clear spans reducing or eliminating the need for interior supports. Interior walls can be moved easily during renovations or when making additions. The use of roof trusses ensures a quick close-in of the structure, saving time and avoiding weather-related delays or damage. Budgets for building projects can be accurately controlled because the truss prices are known prior to construction. On-site losses from miscuts, theft and damage are virtually eliminated.