Floor Trusses

Our wood-web floor trusses are manufactured with kiln-dried lumber and metal-plate connectors supplied by Alpine Engineered Products. Our floor truss designs are professional engineer-sealed for use in Canada and the United States. Wood-web floor trusses from Manu-Fab are manufactured to industry standards using computer-assisted equipment assuring our customer of accuracy, quality and code compliance. Complex cuts and assembly details are accommodated by computerized cutting and fabrication tables for precision results every time.

Engineered trusses provide long clear spans reducing or eliminating the need for interior bearing walls, beams, columns or footings. Floor trusses can be engineered to provide increased stiffness for tile finishes or to carry the additional weight of concrete. Special details for bearing, cantilevers and balconies are easily incorporated into the design.

floor-trusses-300x225Floor trusses are light-weight, allowing for quick, easy placement with normal construction tools. The surface area provided by the 3½” truss width safely speeds up deck and flooring installation, and when installed correctly, with glue and screws will produce a no squeak floor. Wood-web floor trusses are designed utilizing triangulation, which has been accepted as the strongest structural shape for engineering design. In addition to the structural benefits, the triangulated open-webs allow for easy installation of plumbing and electrical components inside the floor system. As a result, mechanical costs are maximized and duct work is hidden in the floor.